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Get to Know Us

Bob Spear

Bob returned to the farming operation upon retirement to practice what he had been promoting during his tenure as Commissioner of Agriculture for the State of Maine. His major focus in on marketing whether it be wholesale, retail or farmers markets.  Bob is a strong believer in conservation and sustainable agricultural practices and his passion is to provide fresh produce daily to the consumer.

Ron Spear

Ron works away from the farming operation most of the time, however, is coerced to drive a tractor during planting season. He was instrumental in designing the newest farm stand, the “Big Red Barn” at the bottom of the hill on U. S. Rte 1 in Waldoboro.

Janet Spear

Janet wears many hats including marketing, ordering products and scheduling staff, but her primary focus is management of the daily operation of their two farm stands.

Dick Spear

Dick’s main concentration in the spring is planting acres and acres of sweet corn plus silage corn for the cows.  He is also responsible for starting our seedlings beginning in February for transplanting either to our hoop houses or to the field. He has it right down to a science as to when to plant specific varieties of sweet corn to have on the shelf the entire season.  “Sweet Corn is Our Specialty”.  Come winter time you will find Dick plowing and sanding both commercial and private driveways.

Terry Spear

Terry oversees and assists with planting fields of small vegetables, squash and pumpkins.Here he is inspecting tomatoes in one of their fifteen hoop houses.  Terry‘s other responsibility is managing all our beef cattle and the herd of animals we board for another farmer - which is a 365 day chore.

Jeff Spear


Jeff’s major springtime job is keeping our tractors, plows, spreaders and harrows in high gear and just hopes that nothing breaks down.He spends many hours on a tractor himself, preparing land for planting the crops and oversees our IPM program.  Jeff also plows and sands driveways plus cuts firewood for delivery to your door.

Kyle Spear

Kyle returned to the farm operation after graduating from college and has assumed the responsibility of starting all our seedlings.  He oversees the plants from the beginning to fertlizing  and planting.  He is involved in starting the seedlings for succession planting thru out the season and does not hesitate to explore new technology and ideas.

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